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The Earful Tower: Paris

The Earful Tower: Figuring out France with guests who know best. 

Aug 8, 2022

This week we reveal the story of the giraffe that walked to Paris in 1827 and made everyone go bananas. This story, especially the bit about Parisians going berserk for giraffes, is the subject of our new children's book: Grace the Giraffe in Paris. 

A bit of background: The giraffe walked from Marseille to Paris in 1827, a gift to the King Charles X of France from Egypt.

This true story is fascinating. A giraffe hadn't been in France for 300 years, so practically no one had ever seen one. The arrival of this creature, which we've named Grace, caused a huge sense of excitement and curiosity, fashion trends, wild hairstyles, and general pandemonium. Especially in Paris. 

We figured this was an ideal story to turn into a book... so we did it.

So, meet Grace the Giraffe in Paris. 

In this podcast episode you'll hear me and Lina re-telling the true part of this story in detail, then explaining how and why we turned it into our new children's book. 

And as with our other books, we're going to self-publish this one, and we'll launch it on Kickstarter to cover our printing and distribution costs. In short: We don't want to pay for 2,000 books unless we know people want them. 

So, when this link goes live (it doesn't work yet), we'd really love it if you bought a copy or two. Who knows, maybe you want to get your name on the map at the back where we'll rename Paris streets. Boulevard Gee indeed! 

This is where you will soon be able to order the book.  (