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The Earful Tower: Paris

The Earful Tower: Figuring out France with guests who know best. 

Aug 30, 2021

So you're coming to Paris! Amazing!

Now just make sure you don't do these ten things. 

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Leave the right emoji on my...

Aug 23, 2021

There's maybe never been a harder time to open a restaurant, but that's what Justin Kent has just done. 

He opened Milagro at 85 avenue de Bosquet two months ago and business is booming. I met him to chat about his new restaurant, Parisian waiters, and how his work at the acclaimed Arpege restaurant shaped him as a...

Aug 16, 2021

I'm back in Paris and I'm fully vaccinated. In this episode I answer all your questions about daily life in the French capital. 

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Aug 9, 2021

Here are my tips and tricks for improving your level of spoken French. From haircuts, to faking Swedish citizenship, to ignoring your grandma... it's all there (and it'll all make sense as you listen).

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Aug 2, 2021

Have you heard of Goussainville? It's an abandoned village right next to the Charles de Gaulle airport and it has quite the unusual back story. 
I paid a visit with a film crew to find out more. What's actually there and why is it abandoned? Does it live up to the romanticized hype of bloggers and urban explorers? And...