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The Earful Tower: Paris

The Earful Tower: Figuring out France with guests who know best. 

Sep 25, 2023

M is for the Marais. In this episode, you'll hear my thoughts on how I'd spend a perfect last day in the Marais district of Paris (in other words, the third and fourth arrondissements). 

You'll also hear from Paul Barron, co-owner of Le Peloton Cafe and Bike About Tours, and then from tour guide Amber Minogue!


Sep 18, 2023

A bit of reflection as we reach the halfway point of this AB-Season.

As I said in the episode, a big thanks to musician Pres Maxson, photographer Augusta Sagnelli, editor Eddie Gee, and occasional co-host Lina Nordin-Gee.


Sep 11, 2023

L is for Lyon. In this episode, you'll hear about my experiences after spending 48 hours in Lyon with Lovely Lina. 

There's also some local insights from Caroline Connor, who does wine tastings in Lyon, and runs the website and social media accounts by the name of Wine Dine Caroline.

You can find more from her here.


Sep 4, 2023

K is for Kylie the Crocodile in Paris. In this episode, you'll hear a brand new twist in the story of Kylie the Crocodile. 

This episode was taken from a live show at Spilling the Beans. 

You can find more from them here.

To buy a copy of our childdren's book, Kylie the Crocodile in Paris, click here.

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