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The Earful Tower: Paris

The Earful Tower: Figuring out France with guests who know best. 

Feb 26, 2018

Paris is home to some of the most famed classical art in the history of the world. The Mona Lisa in the Louvre. Rodin's sculpture of The Thinker. Monet's game-changing forays into Impressionism.

But there's one Paris art movement that's getting a lot of people very excited - and it's right beneath our noses, by our shoulders, and above our heads. 

Yes, I'm talking about the mosaic-tiled works of urban artist Invader, a man whose identity remains unknown but whose work has sold for up to €200,000.

He has put up 1,341 pieces across Paris and you've maybe seen them without even realizing. 


But who is Invader? And why is he putting art around Paris? And why are people going around with their phones and "collecting" them?

For today's episode, we have the insights of Jay Swanson, a YouTuber in Paris, who is a "Flash Invader" - someone who goes around collecting photos of the art as part of a popular app by the same name. He tells us all there is to know about Invader. 

And Jay is followed by a second guest, journalist David Chazan, who once found an Invader mosaic in his own home. Unfortunately, that one ends as a tale of woe - but it's a great story. 



Oh yes, and welcome to Camille from French Today, who joins us at the end to teach me a French lesson in one minute, this time how to pronounce a word related to Invader and his work. 

Now, enjoy the episode, buy one of my tote bags before they run out, and be sure to leave an iTunes review for me to read out next week. Oh yes, and become a Patron here.



All photos used on The Earful Tower site on this story were taken from the official Space Invaders website - check it out for more cool pics. 

Talk next week!