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The Earful Tower: Paris

The Earful Tower: Figuring out France with guests who know best. 

Apr 3, 2023

Welcome to the Earful Tower, the podcast that explores the hidden gems and secret spots of Paris. In this episode, we're taking a stroll through the bustling marché Beauvau in the 12th arrondissement with our special guest, Joseph Loughney, owner of the Early Bird Cafe.

As we walk through the market, Joseph shares his passion for coffee and talks us through how he ended up in Paris as he introduces us to some of his favorite vendors. We also discuss the 12th arrondissment and how it compares to the rest of Paris.

If you're a foodie or just love discovering new markets and culinary delights, this episode is not to be missed. Be sure to check out the Early Bird Cafe website at to learn more about their delicious menu and location.

And a big thank you to all our Patreon supporters for making this podcast possible. Your contributions help us continue to bring you the best stories and insights about Paris. If you'd like to support the Earful Tower and get access to exclusive content, visit our Patreon page at