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The Earful Tower: Paris

The Earful Tower: Figuring out France with guests who know best. 

Dec 26, 2022

Oliver breaks down the top blogs posts and podcasts episodes of 2022.

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Dec 19, 2022

Oliver and Lina take a stroll through the Tuileries Christmas Market. They also took a microphone.  

Here's what they found - from German food to mulled wine, ghost rides to disgruntled employees. 

Ho ho ho, here we go!

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All music by Pres Maxson, including...

Dec 12, 2022

Australian author Jayne Tuttle almost died after an elevator accident in Paris. 

She retells the harrowing story and explains how her excellent memoir series helped her with the recovery process.

Her books: Paris Or Die and My Sweet Guillotine.

Dec 5, 2022

Is French difficult to learn?

I asked polyglot and YouTube superstar Nathaniel Drew.

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