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The Earful Tower: Paris

The Earful Tower: Figuring out France with guests who know best. 

Jul 11, 2022

The 4th arrondissement is this week's focus on the podcast. Here's what we found after spending a full day there.

Mentioned in this show

This podcast episode includes a brief interview with Paul Barron, the owner of the Peloton Cafe, and our final ranking on the district out of 100. 

This episode features music by Pres Maxson, including his take on Notre Dame de Paris by Edith Piaf.

We’ll share our visit, in video format, on our YouTube channel in the coming days. We’ll be making one of these travel vlogs every week, so be sure to subscribe (you can do it in one click via this link). 

Read our full guide with all the pictures on the Earful Tower website here.

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